The 101st Jawa Auxiliary Regiment is an all Jawa engineering and peace-keeping unit within the Helghast Navy.


The 101st grew off of the 9th Divison. It is headquartered in Delta Cephei and has bases in Alpha, Beta, and Proxima Centauri along with smaller bases in the Terminus Systems.

Unit History, Tactics, and OperationsEdit

The 101st uses guerrilla tactics similar to Jawa Partisans in combat. They often are attached to Armoured divisions and Aerospace Combat Wings. They are sent into the Terminus systsms to protect Helghast interests and generally keep the peace. The 101 acts as border guards to the Jawa Autonomous Republic (Jawaese: Jawa Poblacht Uathrialch) and cures insurrections in the Republic. The Regiment sabotaged several C.C.C. cruisers in its short history. In 2411 the Regiment flooded C.C.C command with garbage data and explicit material as a joke.


Standard equipment includes a briefcase, helmet and armour with a dark grey, Akmiri Dazzle, or Akmiri Urban camo robe underneath and black boots. The Armour is black with silver rivets. Logos and stripes are gold and weaponry consists of the VC-30 Sickle shotgun and the VC-15 Judaz Pistol. Plasma torches, C4 and detonators are also used. After the mass upgrade to the StA-33 Weapons system, the 101st used it in a sub machine gun format.