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31st insignia.

"We drop in to hell and come out fighting and win. We are the 31st."


"The 31st Optimum Legion will serve the Empire with loyalty and pride unlike that treacherous legion."

-Worpwren Octavius

31st Optimum Legion also known as the 31st Legion, Optimum Legion and later known as the Thirty and the First during the Third Extrasolar
31st Optimum Legion

31st Optimum Legion during the Third Extrasolar War

War, was the result from the 21st Prime Legion's Betrayal and an elite unit of the Helghast Empire. The 31st Legion was established in 2387 commissioned by Radec. Scolar Visari gave the legionaries medals that stayed with the Empire with loyalty. They were the Empire's best unit intil 2389 when the Najenmik was formed, since then both units always had a friendly rivalry with each other until an accident. The 31st are also known to be the first unit for dropping human soldiers from orbit and use power armor.

Few other legionaries went to form the 33rd Confortare Legion.

The 31st Optimum Legion faithfully serve the Empire, operating under the direct command of Helghast Senate. By 2410, the Legion consisted of 14,239 soldiers. It is highly regarded as one of the best legions and units in the Helghast Empire.

Unique tactics Edit

Power armor 31st

31st Combat Power Armor MK l.

The 31st Legion was the first military unit to use orbital-drop tech in 2389. Dropping from the skies in orbital pods just to come out and to attack or flank enemy, and assist friendly units.

They also specialize in heavy power suit combat in their very own combat power armor in 2418.

The Najenmik and the 31st accident Edit

In 2409, in a shooting rage aboard the a large Helghast Cruiser named Thanatos, a Najenmik soldier accidentally shot a 31st soldier on the foot with a sniper rifle, crushing his shoot greatly. This caused a fight between this Najenmik soldier and five 31st soldiers. The Najenmik soldier killed three and injured two of the five. Ever since then, relations between the Najenmik and the 31st have been tensed and uneasy.

Commanders of the 31st Optimum LegionEdit

Notable Members Edit

  • Sargent Major Tieren Hivres - Born in 2382. He is an assault specialist.
  • Master Sargent Barges Klroon - Being born in 2340, he is the oldest soldier of the legion so far, Klroon has been an intelligence specialist and a no-nonsense leader since the 21st Legion days, thus Thorven made him 2nd in command of the Legion. In 2399, he was ordered to leave his legion to help another unit, in 2413 he returned. His uncle was one of the crew of the Kazerutoll.
  • Sargent 1st Class Chroy Signedram - Born in 2384. A heavy weapons specialist.