The 9th Division is the Home Guard Division of the Helghast Army in Proxima Centauri.

9th Division HistoryEdit

The 9th Division (9 Div) is the home guard for Proxima Centauri. It is split up into three brigades the 615, 616, and the 617. The Division as a whole is noteworthy for having the highest casualty rate of all divisions. 9 Div 615 Bde fought to the last man at Rayhoven AFB during the battle of Vekta, 9 Div 616 Bde lost three fourths of its personell at Gyre in 2384, and 9 Div 617 Bde loses it men constantly to "curiosity missions" from the GoA Aktik Van Den Bosch and suicide. A large amount of Jawas serve in the division mostly in a support role i.e. engineering, vehicle operating, and spotting for snipers. Some Jawas serve in a combat role.

617th BrigadeEdit

The 617th brigade is mostly made up of Akmirs' low lifes such as former and still active militants, dregs, former drug addicts, hammerskins,etc. This is the "pet" brigade of  Aktik Van Den Bosch. Although it has its setbacks it is one of the best brigades and produces the best snipers in the Army. It is often seen as immature by the other brigades.

Small Arms and VehiclesEdit

Small Arms


Notable MembersEdit