Hover tank

Akmir Weapons Combine model 2400 hover tank.

The AWC-2400 Hovertank is a new model of tank built for general distribution to the Helghast Army

Design ConceptEdit

The hovertank was designed by the Akmir Weapons Combine, developers of the popular AWC series of rifles. It features a new technology called repulsorlifts and moves at a top speed of 120 Kilometers per hour. The armour is titanium alloy. The AWC-2400 was designed by the company to "step up to the plate" and produce something other than an outdated firearm copy. The major feature of the tank is the petrusite cannon. A notion that Akmir Weapons Combine is moving towards advanced weaponry.


  • 88mm main petrusite cannon
  • Missile pods
  • Optional Mounted Machine Gun (Arc Gun or AWC-47 GPMG)
  • Coaxial Machine Gun


2399 Tank entered development and construction

2400 Helghast Empire buys tank from AWC

February 2, 2401 AWC-2400 sees combat in Akmir Civil War for the first time

2410 The tank enters The Third Extrasolar War as the Helghasts' main battle tank