AWC-2405 Falcon

The Falcon is of Waaj design

The AWC-2405 Falcon (Waajish: Gorm) is a Jawa produced fighter craft for the Helghast Navy and Aerospace Force.


The fighter is the brainchild of Jik'Tal Smit, creator of the AWC rifles and the AWC-2400 Hovertank. The design is supposed to replace the aging strikefighters still in use by the military. The Falcon is sleeker, faster, bigger, and can take more hits than the strikefighter. It has four miniguns that fire compressed petrusite and the fighter has two missile pods that fire tracking missles with compressed petrusite warheads. The cockpit has room for one, life support and heat.


Begun development in 2402

Finished development im 2405

Order of 800 units by Helghast Empire in 2407

2409 The Falcon pleased the Autarch so an additional order of 1000 units was placed

In 2410 the fighter entered the Third Extrasolar War