AWC-2405 Spartan Dropship

The Spartan is a conglomeration of Waaj, Helghast, and Soviet designs.

The AWC-2405 Spartan (Jawaese: Sbartaidd) is a Jawa and Helghast cooperatively designed dropship.

Design DetailsEdit

The AWC-2405 entered development in 2400 to replace the aging Overlord dropships in present Helghast service. Spartan dropships boast a modular weapons layout, room in the troop hold for 10 troopers, and storage for two Jet bikes that are deployed by a rear hatch. Weapons include: compressed petrusite autocannons, missile pods and door mounted machine guns or composite beam laser turrets. It has a cockpit for two, pilot and gunner. The pilot sits below the gunner. The Spartan uses VTOL propulsion and is for atmosphperic operation only.


Top Speed- 100 kilometers per hour

Weight- 3 tons (fully loaded)

Capacity-10 fully equiped troops, two jet bikes


  • Started development in 2400.
  • Prototype saw combat in the last three months of the Akmir Civil War
  • Entered Helghast service in 2405
  • Units were mobilised in 2410 for the Third Extrasolar War