AWC-2406 Raven

The Raven is derived from a Waaj design.

The AWC-2406 Raven (Jawaese: Gigfran) is a light fighter designed by the Jawas for use by elite Helghast aerospace combat wings.


The Raven was envisioned by Jik'Tal Smit, a Jawa weapons designer for the Akmir Weapons Combine to complement the larger AWC-2405 Falcon. However, the designs were sold to the Helghast. Originally designed to be fast and agile, the Raven lacks a warp drive, life support and shields. It has a seat for one and the pilot must wear a full flight suit and helmet with a life support chest box. The Raven travels at a top speed of Mach 3 in atmosphere. The fighter has jets for atmosphere and sublight drives for space.


The Gigfran begun the design process shortly after the Falcon came off the assembly lines. It was evaluated by the Helghast Leadership in 2406. The Falcon is seeing combat in the T.E.W. in limited numbers.


Helghast Empire

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