The Commandant with a mounted 75mm petrusite cannon. (created by Sergey Kondratovich)

The AWC-2408 Commandant (Jawaese: Ceannfort) is a model of Light Utility Vehicle designed by Jik'Tal Smit at Akmir Weapons Combine.

Design DetailsEdit

The Commandant is an all purpose vehicles designed for multiple tasks such as light artillery, reconnissance, and transporting high ranking officials. The Commandant seats eight people including the driver. The cabin is pressurized, enviromentally sealed, it has HVAC, and a gravity generator for excursions on low gravity worlds. It boasts 4 wheel drive and steering, three speed automatic transmission, separate 4x4 suspension, and a modular weapon mount. The weapon mount can use a petrusite autocannon, minigun, or a Multiple Rocket Launcher. It travels at a top speed of 113 km/h.


  1. The AWC-2408 enters development in 2404
  2. The Commandant finishes development and enters evaluation testing in 2408
  3. The AWC-2408 enters Helghast and Akmir Red Party service in 2409
  4. The Commandant enter the Third Extrasolar War in 2410
  5. A horrible accident occurred in 2412 when a Commandant, driven by a group of jawas, collided with an AWC-2410 Multiple Rocket Carrier.


Helghast Army-100 units

Akmir Red Party-175 units