The Troop Transport is in the foreground ,while the MRC is in back. (art by Sergey Kondratovich)

The AWC-2410 Rain (Jawaese: Baisteach) is a MRC and troop transport used by the Helghast and the Jawa Protectorate.


Designed at the Akmir Weapons Combine , the Rain is essentially a modifed troop transport used for carrying and fire compressed petrusite rockets. Jik'Tal Smit lead the design team. He wanted a fast, manueverable MRC that can be dropped by a frigate. The Rain weighs 47,200kg, is 15.7m in length, and can travel at a top speed of 250 km/h. the rocket pod is modular and can be replaced with a Erector Launcher for nuclear missiles, a favorite of Aktik Van Den Bosch, or a 150mm autocannon. 

Troop TransportEdit

The specs for the TT varient are the same, although where the missile turret was, there is now a cupola to mount a heavy machine gun. it can also mount the 150mm autocannon. the troop bay holds 12 fully armoured Helghast soldiers or 18 Jawas with engineer equipment. 


  1. The Rain is submitted to Jawa military leaders in 2408
  2. It is then submitted to Helghast military leaders in 2409
  3. Once passing tests, The AWC-2410 is ready for service in the Third Extra Solar War
  4. In 2412 a horrible accident involving Jawas and an AWC-2408 occurred. The Jawas were on patrol and collided with a missile carrier in standard configuration.