From top to bottom:AWC-47, DMR, LMG, GPMG, Carbine, and SMG

"On Akmir we do things old school, get used to it."

- Kaatje Detrick-

The AWC-47 and it derivatives are Helghast copies of the famous AK-47.


The AWC-47 is an Akmiri copy of the venerable AK-47 therefore the construction is the same with small deviations from the original firearm. The major difference between the AWC-47 and the AK-47 is the gas cylinder on the barrel, instead of it being slanted it is a straight drop to the barrel. Other notable design modifications include a burst fire select which the original AK-47 did not have.

Ammunition, Attachments, and VariantsEdit

The AWC-47 fires the same round as its more advanced counterparts the StA-52 and the StA-409. There is a limited amount of attachments for the AWC including and limited to: ACOG scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, thermal sight, 8x magnification scope, AWC-25 and AWC-30 grenade launchers, and a bayonet. By factory order, the AWC-47 can be configured in a bullpup format. The AWC-47's variants are as follows:

Assault Rifle- basic model with 7.62x39mm 30 or 45 round magazine. Paratrooper models have folding stocks

Designated Marksman Rifle- fitted with long, heavy barrel, 7.62x39mm 10 or 20 round magazine and 8x magnification scope

Light Machine Gun- fitted with heavy barrel, 7.62x39mm 45 round magazine or 75 round drum, bipod, and a carrying handle

General Purpose Machine Gun- fitted with heavy barrel, belt fed, 12.7x108mm 200 round belt, carrying handle, and bipod. It can be mounted

Carbine- fitted with short barrel, gas booster, folding stock and 7.62x39mm 30-45 round magazine

SubMachine Gun- fitted with short barrel, folding stock, and 9.2x20mm 53 or 64 round helical magazine similar to StA-11 SMG

Pistol- fitted with short barrel, 9.2x20mm 30 round magazine, and semi-automatic fire only

Users and Combat HistoryEdit

The AWC-47 is used by the 9th division in all variants, Akmir Weapons Combine plans to supply the rest of the Helghast Military with this rifle and its variants. Kaatje Detrick  is notable for getting the record of a headshot with the DMR past the alloted range of 800 meters at 802 meters. The AWC-47 was used in the final years of the Gyre Campaign and models have turned up in the hands of militants throughout Helghast Space.