The AWC-65 with stock folded.

The AWC-65 is an Akmiri copy of the Hungarian AMD-65


The distinctive slanted foregrip and the bare gas tube sets it apart from its cousin the AWC-47. The foregrips' intention is to keep the firerers' hand away from the heat on the barrel from extensive shooting. The receiver is stamped and it posseses a three round burst function. It has grey plastic grips and interestingly the foregrip is the pistol grip but reversed, instead of pointing back it points forward. When it fires it is louder than the AWC-47. The wire stock is a bit flimsy and the recoil of the 7.62x39mm round doesn't help but the foregrip makes the stock sufficient in keeping the gun stable. The gun has a gas operated rotating bolt and its total length is 870mm with stock extended and 648mm without, it weighs 3.21 kg when unloaded and fires from 30 round magazines, it fires the 7.62x39mm round with 750 rounds per minute


The AWC-65 entered service in 2388 as a weapon for armoured crews and airborne troops, however it is popular with ground troops and motorised infantry as well.