The AWC-88 with stock extended and black furniture

The AWC-88 is an Akmiri copy of the Polish Kbk wz. 1988 Tantal assault rifle.

Design DetailsEdit

The AWC-88 is a straight copy of the Wz.88 rifle therefore, all of the inner workings are the same. The rifle has a fire select on the left side which is convient for a right handed shooter unlike the right hand side fire select of the AWC-47. The stock differs as well instead of a full polymer stock, the AWC-88 uses a heavy gauge wire stock. The weapon is an improvement over the AWC-47 by the use of tritium in the sights which glows in the dark. Instead of the eye catching wood grain polymer furniture of the AWC-47, the AWC-88 uses black or plum furniture. It is a vast improvment over the AWC-47 and is meant to complement the AWC-65. It fires the standard 7.62x39mm round and is gas operated.


The AWC-88 has seen limited combat both with and against militant groups until the Third Extrasolar War. It was  used by 9th Division in limited numbers in counter-militant operations. It is currently the 9th Divisions' main service rifle in the Third Extrasolar War.


  • Carbine- fitted with short barrel, gas booster, and 30 round box magazine 7.62x39mm
  • LMG- fitted with heavy barrel, bipod and 45 round box or 75 round drum magazine 7.62x39mm
  • Pistol- fitted with short barrel, 10 or 20 round box magazine 9.2x20mm
  • DMR- Fitted with long barrel, bipod, 20 round box magazine 7.62x39mm