ARP militiaman human

A Human Militiaman showing a typical loadout.

The Akmir Civil War (Jawaese: Oighear Cogadh Cathartha) was a bloody eight mong long war against three factions.


Aktik Van Den Bosch originally funneled money and arms to three groups the PPLPC, JMF, and a Human/Helghast paramilitary organisation. In 2401, Aktik sold a prototype Celtic-1 ICBM to the JMF which angered PPLPC leadership. The Humans and JMF sided with each other to form the Akmir Red Party

The War Trudges OnEdit

In March of 2402 the ARP militia lost several battles, including one in Bevrorenstad that costed 450 lives and a stalemate. The next few battles included a skirmish in Frosthaven, a bombing in Eis, 230 civillian casulties in the capital. In the final months of the war from July to August of 2402 the ARP pushed back the PPLPC to Sneg. Onced deployed on Sneg the ARP took Schneesturm in less than a week and eradicated much of the PPLPC.

Helghast in ODP militia

Helghast Akmir Red Party militiamen deploying on Sneg in June,2401

Proving GroundEdit

The Civil War was a proving ground for the ARP. New technology was tested like the AWC-2400 hovertank, and petrusite based infantry weapons.   


Overall there was approximately 300 civillian casualties and 45,000 militia deaths on both sides. around one third were PPLPC casualties. The war is seen as an ideological expression pitting the prolitariat thinking Akmiri people against a mindless group that, quite frankly, no one liked. The Civil War made the Akmir Red Party the leading political role in Proxima Centauri. It also gained a foot hold of leftist ideas in the right-wing Helghast senate.