The Akmir Red Party (Jawaese: Oighear Dearg Páirtí) is a Jawa workers party based in Proxima Centauri and Delta Cephei.
ODP Flag

The ARP flag is a modified Akmir Flag with a raised Helghast logo and gears arranged in a triad.

An mbeidh Oighear Ár Lá Tar'!
( Akmir Our Day Will Come!)
-- Party Motto--


The ARP or ODP was formed from the Jawa Movement for Freedom after the latter went bankrupt. The party is majority Jawa but has some Helghast in its ranks. It was formed in early 2401 by Het Nkik, Jek Nkik, and Ttekket Kkak, the creators of the JMF. 


The ODP is the Helghast Empires workers party. They have a seat on the senate and is the majority party in the Proxima Centauri local goverment. It strives to provide better working conditions, pay, and equality in the workforce. Jawas are the majority in the political aspect of the group.


While the Party has a militia, it is seldom used other than for parades, rallies, and meetings. The militia is well equipped and uses Akmir Weapons Combine products like the AWC-65 and the AWC-88. It has basic Helghast millitary training and can serve alongside actual Helghast Army units.
Helghast in ODP militia

Helghast Akmir Red Party militiamen deploying on Sneg June 10th 2402

Helghast are a majority and Jawas are a minority in the militia.


July 22, 2401 the Party was formed

In  January of 2402 the ARP fought an eight month civil war with the rival party the CPFPK. The campaign was fought on the northern continents on Akmir and the western hemisphere on Sneg. By the last week of the seventh month the CPFPK was so beaten and broken it quit. The militia had completed their trial by fire without proper military support and Aktik was very pleased.

The Party has become the major force in Proxima Centauri politics since their victory in 2402

In 2411 the Party Militia fought a war with the newly created Akmir National Socialist Workers Party and lost thus cementing the fascist hold on a largely left thinking planet.