Akmir Weapons Combine is a firearm producer on Akmir.  

The Combines factory.


The Akmir Weapons Combine was created shortly before the Second Extrasolar War in 2356 in case if the ISA came to Proxima Centauri. It was the brainchild of Erwin Schrijvers: create a weapons manufacturing plant in case of invasion. The company however did not need these factories until after the Helghast invasion of Vekta started. As of 2387 now under goverment control the Combine has expanded its lineup including a new subsidiary, Akmir Food Combine which produces frozen treats and TV dinners. The Akmir Weapons Combine currently rivals an older Helghast manufacturing company, Stahl Arms, and may even surpass it, as Stahl Arms struggles to keep up with the AWC.


Akmir Weapons Combine produced licensed copies of the StA-52 assault rifle and the StA-18 pistol until 2362, since then it has produced phased out upgraded copies of weapons from previous centuries. Most of those copies are firearms favored by the Warsaw Pact countries and the Soviet Union from the 20th century. In 2377 the Combine started to produce the AWC-47 Series of assault rifles in helghast caliber. This weapon is a popular model in Proxima Centauri and abroad for its ruggedness. In 2387 the Combine debuted the AWC-65, a copy of a copy of the Hungarian AMD-65 which is an AKM clone. it has become popular with motorised and airborne troops. AWC produces weapon attachments for the AWC-47 and AWC-65 and replacement parts for the StA-52.