"You just have to work the angles. Make it PAY!"

-Anders Benoit as a male prostitute after his mercenary career was over


Benoit sitting as Oliver described, like a chubby old bum.

Anders Benoit was the former CEO of Phantom Talon Corp. Born in 2315 on Earth, he joined the UCN Special Forces before leaving it to form a PTC with his friend Oliver Adamska.

Mercenary CareerEdit

The PTC began getting involved in corporate and colonial disputes, and in 2348, Oliver Adamska disappeared under unclear circumstances and was declared KIA by Benoit, however the real truth was kept obscured from his fellow mercenaries, and that in reality, Oliver humiliated him after a string of failed missions by the PTC by calling him "a chubby ass bald guy that just sits on his intruder like a bum". He left the PTC and became a freelance mercenary. Benoit pretended like it never happened by claiming he was KIA, and kept going with his career, and even went on a diet afterwards so that no one would call him a "chubby ass bald guy" ever again, although he quit his diet after a month. Things looked up to him in the Second Extrasolar War, when his company was hired by Vyktor Kratek to help the Helghast in their war against the ISA. He sent Ivanov and Danner to destroy Admiral Gray's cruiser and the mission was successful. The PTC also sent elite combat troops across Vekta.

Eventually, the PTC began to start running out of business and by the 2370s, they were practically bankrupt. By 2380, those who hadn't already abandoned the PTC, chose to completely disband it due to it's lack of profit. This was a problem for Benoit, whose entire life was based around the PTC. He knew that he wasn't going to fair well if he can't find a fighting job, despite the fact that he was generally known to move ridiculously slow and basically sit around on his intruder all day. He went over to Tikverion's group of mercenaries, whom they've been competing with for the past decade and asked if he could join their ranks. Unfortunately for Benoit, they responded by telling him to "fuck off", believing that he was far from being honorable enough to join their ranks. Everything went downhill for Benoit after that. Stuck in the ghetto of a faraway outer colony planet, he now works as a poor, degenerate male stripper.


  • He had tried to leave a group of his mercenaries for dead with their enemies but they escaped and was reported to have laughed their asses off when they found out what happened to him later on.
  • He quit his diet after 1 month, so it didn't lead to anything.