Autarchs amazing donuts

Autarch's Amazing Donuts was a company made after the Second Extrasolar War. Around this time, consumerist industries began to boom across Helghan and other Helghast colonies, with companies such as HFC rising in Helghan. One group of citizens had a special talent for creating some of the best, fresh baked donuts in the whole of the Helghast Empire. With the rise of this commercial industry, they decided to create a donut store of their own, which they named "Autarch's Amazing Donuts", in honor of their leader and possibly attracting their attention. As the business grew, they began naming their donut recipes after esteemed Helghast heroes and leaders.


The Mael Radec: Feeling like shooting yourself in the left side of the head (or right, we really don't know)? The Mael Radec is sure to cheer you up and reverse all of that. Filled with banana frosting inside and melted chocolate on top.

Brutus-sized Donut: There will be no way you'll be retreating from this donut! An immense donut filled with fresh chocolate frosting from Gyre and an edible red Brutus style knife.

The Visari-Class donut: Only for the most classiest, dedicated, and loyal Helghast citizen! The biggest donut in the entire menu! Filled with Helghast-style frosting, custard, and many other toppings all in one!

Arkin Soteris: This donut will make you wonder why we spend so much time trying to kill ISA, when we could be enjoying donuts like these! It has white frosting with a nice creamy custard inside!

Vikar Detrick: Are your children being traitorous to our cause and deserve punishment? Don't worry, we've got a more peaceful way of dealing with such troubles. Make sure to give them this beautiful donut, with a tasty white frosting on top and chocolate cream inside!

Notable CustomersEdit

Many notable people have come to this place to enjoy a nice desert in Helghan, be they fellow soldiers wanting to get a drink and a donut, or simply visitors who have business in the planet.

Drake Kalaxen: Drake visited this place while on a mission in Helghan. Some of the employees feared that Brutus would spill his blood all over their donuts, however at their request, Brutus let him live.

Brutus Grachhus: Brutus has occasionally come to this place in order to enjoy some donuts with his fellow soldiers.

Mael Radec: Radec arrived here once as he heard many of his soldiers talking about it, however was confused and somewhat angry when he saw how they described his donut, causing some controversy.


  • They used to have a donut named after Tikverin Marvidakis as well, however, they made it right before he betrayed the empire, causing suspicion amongst many of the customers, so they were forced to remove it.