Battle of Adenshin (29th September 2358 - 14th March 2359) was a major battle in the Invasion of Vekta.
Hig won

The ISA medics helping the Helghast wounded after the battle.

Many Vektan refugees were escorted out of the city by the ISA Colonel Laurence Shaw's 5th Army, three hours before the battle started. Helghast General Armin Metrac and Colonel Tendon Cobar pushed against the ISA forces in southern Vekta while main invasion force under Joseph Lente pushed into the northern hemisphere. Colonel Cobar sent the 21st Prime Legion and Helghast 2nd Battalion 3rd Company to invade Adenshin City. With the destruction of Colonel Shaw's 5th Army, the city was captured. Shaw surrendered and was executed by Helghast Captain Tikverin Marvidakis.

Many ISA medical personnel also surrendered and offered to help the Helghast wounded, Captain Marvidakis accepted the offer. Three days latter at the end of the battle, Colonel Cobar ordered Captain Marvidakis to execute the ISA medics, which he accepted and followed.