Battle of Fillbirth was fought in March 24th - July 12th 2359.

Battle of Fillbirth

The 21st Prime Legion, 2nd firestorm Corps and 2nd Battalion 3rd Company together fighting in the battle.

After the Battle of Adenshin, the 21st Prime Legion and Helghast 2nd Battalion 3rd Company moved on to the next city down south of Vekta, Fillbirth which had a large fire support base and a forward operating base. General Armin Metrac sent another unit to help the two divisions, the 2nd Firestorm Corps. After a few days fighting in the city, the Helghast was surprised to find a small secret ISA air base. The ISA fighters ambushed the Helghast armies in the first few weeks however the ISA fighters lost numbers thus the 21st legion and 2nd Firestorm Corps managed to attack the air base, while the 2nd Battalion 3rd Company handles the other ISA bases. Unfortunately the 2nd Firestorm Corps was destroyed in the last two weeks of the battle however the Helghast was still victorious at the end.