Battlegroup Spearhead was a large fleet of C.C.C. battleships that were sent to be on the frontlines of ship to ship combat in order to help fight Helghast fleets near the border. They were created in preparation of the Helghast, who they felt were inevitably going to invade at some point, knowing that their "cold war" was only the beginning of a large conflict. They were given all sorts of technological advancements for their ships. It is headed by a brilliant admiral named Admiral Jonah Trevor.

Claim to FameEdit

The fleet finally had a chance to test their mettle when a stealth ship or Prowler known as the Stealthful found a large fleet of Helghast ships at the Draco system. Admiral Trevor, who always made sure to get as much reliable intel as reasonably possible, sent orders to the Stealthful to release a probe and send him the data. Knowing that they had 10 VisariClass Battlecruisers, he knew that a frontal assault in conventional ship to ship combat would be likely to result in defeat due to their Petrusite Accelerator Cannons. He intercepted the fleet from behind with the bulk of his fleet catching them unaware using a combination of the C.C.C.'s advanced hyperspace systems and his own mastery of hyperspace calculations, striking them where they were weakest. He sent a small portion of his fleet to flank them so that any shots fired by the Helghast would end up hitting the Visari Class Battlecruisers. They won a huge victory against the Helghast fleet as a result, having destroyed much of their fleet, buying them more time to prepare and forcing the Helghast Empire to rebuild.

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