As a result of the ensuing cold war between the C.C.C. and the Helghast Empire, the C.C.C. began creating border stations as well, serving as warning stations in case of attack. As the C.C.C. became more and more concerned, they created newer additions to the Border Watch Stations. This included a hanger for Stealth Prowlers, which were ships that patrolled a system in watch for enemy ships and fleets. They were also equipped with advanced scanners in order to watch for enemy stealth ships and spies. Should they ever catch a spy, they also had a very small prison room to get information out of such spies.


The C.C.C. Border Watch Stations often served as training posts for future cadets for the C.C.C. Navy, especially for those on scanning and/or watch duties. Although it is considered a "boring post" by many, it serves as an excellent form of training and they have captured multiple Helghast spies during the Cold War and even a few Najenmik as things became more tense among the two nations. One of these stations posted in the Draco System also proved crucial in the early days of the war, as their Prowler Ship, known as the Stealthful tipped the C.C.C. Navy off about a huge Helghast invasion fleet and fought them off, buying the C.C.C. valuable time and resources.


Alongside what they already had, they were also equipped with a couple of upgrades including:

  • Mining equipment for metal-rich asteroids around the area, should they find any.
  • Anti-aircraft turrets, although not powerful enough to take down a capital ship or even a frigate, they were capable of destroying fighters and bombers should they need to.