Turtle class hover artillery by s0lar1x-d5qayfc

Hover Artillery

The CCC-123 Hover Artillery, also known as "Turtles" to many of the C.C.C. infantry, is an artillery weapon meant to counter the Helghast's arsenal of tanks and is able to handle any form of terrain due to it's ability to hover.


Hence the name, this vehicle functions as mobile artillery, and is able to climb through any terrain using it's hoverpacks. However, the drawback to this design is it's inability to use it's main cannon when mobile and must stay planted to the ground in order to reveal it's main cannon, capable of shooting armor piercing rounds made of depleted uranium. While in it's mobile mode, it has two sets laser cannons on each side, allowing it to defend itself if unable to find a space to use it's main cannon, albeit for only a short period of time.