CCSCIA Agent Armor

CCSCIA Heavier Armor.

The Conjoined Colonies Security and Counter-intelligence Agency, also known as the CCSCIA, is an agency whose purpose is to track down Najenmik agents in their territory and capture or kill them.


The Minister of Security in the C.C.C., Adam Ivankov, after hearing of many apparent accidents and deaths within their high command, he realized that if the Najenmik threat was left unchecked, they may be left with no high command at all, which would be disastrous for the C.C.C. military and navy. In response, he created the CCSCIA, whose ultimate goal is to rid the C.C.C. of the Najenmik once and for all. His agency quickly becomes very well funded, and the agency was thus able to purchase the equipment necessary for their operatives.


After its creation, it began recruiting widely across the systems. The results were encouraging, within months of its creation, it had captured or killed over a dozen Najenmik agents, and prevented the death of one of their leading Admirals, the same admiral who successfully drove the Helghast Fleet from the Draco System. As funding for the project increases, the CCSCIA create a research division, dedicated to upgrading technology for agents employed by the organization.

As time progressed, the Najenmik have found it increasingly difficult to carry out their operations in C.C.C. held planets, and more and more Najenmik agents disappear from Helghast comms. The CCSCIA operate carefully though, knowing that they too can be targeted by the Najenmik.


The CCSCIA has many different forms of equipment in different assignments. They often wear light armor for mobility, as well as thermovision goggles to be able to see targets through objects. Often, the light armor and goggles are not used so they do not look conspicuous in populated environments, although they often have concealed weapons or equipment for escape. Some higher ranking agents have custom armor suited towards their needs, although it is uncommon to have customized armor among most agents.