The planets' volcanic activity can be seen from space.

Dóiteáin is a Jawa purse world and Crainn's moon. It is located in the class F binary star system Delta Cephei.


Dóiteáin is a harsh, volcanically active world located in the Delta Cephei System. It is rich in minerals used to make things that range from arcade tokens to the gargantuan Visari-Class Battle Cruisers. During the years leading up to the Third Extrasolar War, it was discovered by a Joint Helghast-Jawa science team that Crainn and Fathachgáis were tearing the moon apart by gravity.


Dóiteáin was dscovered by the ancient Jawas some 2000 years ago when it had the rather long  name of Llosgi pel bach yn yr awyr  which is Small Burning Ball in the sky in archaic Jawaese. Once the Jawas gained short range space travel, mining operations began.