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Elite Shock trooper Gear 2380-Present

Elite Shock Troopers are the all-female special forces of the Helghast Imperial Navy.


The Elite Shock troopers were formed to complement Helghast Marine units stationed aboard cruisers. Therefore, they specialize in close quarters combat and piloting star fighters such as the AWC-2406 Raven. Elites have been used in both ground offensives  such as the Invasion of Vekta and the Battle of Gyre, as well as space and atmospheric battles.


An Elite Shock Troopers equipment includes standard Helghast Army necessities and a standard armour, although an Elite can pick and choose her weapons at her discretion. Before the introduction of the StA-25 Vlug, the girls used the StA-11 and the StA-11SE. Elite Shock troopers grouped with the 9th Division use the AWC-47 Carbine or its successor the AWC-88 Carbine.