Espoir Station is a suppose ISA space station, according to various sources, in 2314 its entire crew had died under suspicious circumstances. Skepticism exists about the truthfulness of the story, suggesting that the station may have never actually existed, but has become something of a legend. Espoir is "hope" in french. The whereabouts of the station is largely unknown, some however speculate it is around the Proxima Centauri system's Kuiper belt.

The accident Edit

The earliest known reference of the station was in a issue of the Vekta's Centauri Council Readings published by the the ISA Border Guard in 2314. It read :The dead crew were found their arms outstretched, their faces contorted in horror. A message was discovered with the words “Some of the men. their acting strange, some died from something, I don't understand.”

When rescuers came aboard they found the crew all dead with no visible injuries. Their factual accuracy and even the station's existence, however, are unconfirmed, and details of the station's construction and history, if any, remain unknown. Searches for official registration and/or accident investigation records have proven unsuccessful.