Freedoe Glass (real name Pyotr Vinokurovis) a mercenary and a friend of Drake Kalaxen.

Background Edit

Freedoe never talked much about his early life before and a large part of it remains a mystery. He was born in a colony known as Drillnorth in 2379. Drillnorth was a poor colony filled with poverty families. It later became part of the Confederation of Conjoined Colonies (C.C.C.).

Characteristics Edit

Freedoe has a calm and collected personality that still keeps it's friendly and refreshing though he tends to keep things to himself. Freedoe hardly ever opens up to people but he has told the ones he trust about his feelings like Drake another merc and his wife who was killed by the Najenmik in 2409 during a helghast raid of a independent colony, Storen.

His clear mind does break when something go's wrong, like when the enemy get's the better of him or a plan that failed. Freedoe get's easily frustrated when someone doesn't agree with a good plan or the situation become's worse.

This merc prefers to use stealth than going into a gun fight. Freedoe always brings silent weapons in his contracts for stealthy kills. He has however went all out gun blazing many times before, usually with Drake or when he gets caught.

Freedoe enjoys creating strategies in his free time and at times a shameless flirt. He is also known to be a good cook.

Freedoe is a Russian descendant.