Lieutenant General Stuart Adams was an officer of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and was in charge of the Vektan SD weapons platform during the outbreak of the Second Extrasolar War.

Background Edit

Stuart Adams was born on Vekta during the 24th century. At some point in his life he joined the ISA. He proved to be a capable soldier and eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant General.

Adams was put in charge of the SD weapons platform above Vekta. Unknown to his superiors, Adams covertly made contact with Autarch Scolar Visari of the Helghan Empire, and was convinced by the Autarch to join the Helghast after being showed visions of power, and the dreams of the Helghast.

In 2357, Visari finally made plans to invade Vekta. The Helghast Third Army, led by General Joseph Lente, would invade Vekta. Adams would disable the SD platform so that the Helghast could conquer the planet unhindered from orbit.


In August, the Helghast fleet starts its invasion of Vekta. Adams ordered the Space Defense Platforms to fire at them, but in reality allows them to pass unhindered using the excuse of a weapons malfunction. As the Helghast rampage through the ISA defenses and obliterating the now outdated fleet. Adams waited impatiently for General Bradley Vaughton, who had the other access key to reactivate the platform.

During the UCN offensive he reactivates the Orbital Defense Platform and eliminates many of the UCN ships, and is killed in the destruction of the Orbital Defense Platform.