Gyre is the fourth most populous planet in the Centauri Systems, and one of the three Core Worlds of the Helghast Empire.


Gyre was colonized in the 22nd century by the newly established ISA, and was found to have a surprisingly oxygen rich, breathable atmosphere, eliminating most of the terraforming process. Gyre is smaller and colder than Vekta, largely ocean, and with millions of tiny islands dotting the surface. It is a major holiday destination for Helghan and Vekta's civilians. By the 2400s, Gyre's population has risen to the single digit billions.

Imperial ConquestEdit

During the Second Extrasolar War, Gyre was the final fallback position for the ISA forces in the system, after the fall of Vekta. Despite the open warfare within the system, Gyre got another fourteen years of peace before the Empire had finally invaded the world itself. As the final ISA foothold in the system, as well as having well over a decade to prepare, Gyre was host to the bloodiest and most destructive battles of the Second Extrasolar War, with millions of soldiers and civilians dying during the nine years it took the Empire to fully conquer the planet.

After the WarEdit

Once the ISA were completely eradicated and the Second War was finally over, Gyre was rebuilt by the victorious Empire. As with Vekta, Gyre was allowed to maintain a number of their freedoms to keep them complacent, while also having to accept new Imperial responsibilities over time. As an island paradise, it is still one of the largest tourist worlds within the Empire, and the only Imperial Core World that non-Imperial citizens have full access to.