300px-Killzone fried chicken by superjrolander-d6nu5sj
 Helghast Fried Chicken, or HFC is the successor of the former KFC, which was created in the 20th century.


HFC is the successor of the former KFC when fried chicken no longer came from Kentucky, and replaced all KFC restaurants when Vekta and Gyre was conquered, and the CEO was replaced by a Helghast one. It is sponsored by the Helghast military as it is a major supplier for Helghast troops, hence Col. Radec's photo with the KFC logo, who was one of their largest supporters. It is also the only somewhat non-military organization completely supported by the Helghast Empire. The company first asked Colonel Radec to become their CEO, but declined, saying that he had to deal with Helghast military affairs but remained a large supporter of it.

Only a few years after the change for the restaurant, the Autarch demanded the chain to completely change their recipe, after realizing what was in it, firing the current CEO and replacing him. He also made these demands to other fast food restaurants from 20th century America that have managed to continued on to this day. The new CEO made sure that the chicken was healthy and filled with protein and has become a large part of the rations given to the Helghast soldiers.


HFC also expands to the cold Helghast planet of Akmir, supplying chicken to those who want it