The Helghast Senate is the major government body of the Empire. 

The Helghast Senate applies laws and procedures from the Autarch down onto the people of the Empire. The Senate consists of nine members, many with close ties to the Autarch, who act as the cabinet for the Autarch. 

After Visari's DeathEdit

After Scolar Visari's death the Senate took into consideration its protectorates i.e. Proxima Centauri, Delta Cephei, etc. so in 2398 Senator Van Den Bosch of Proxima Centauri decided to put a motion out to reform the Senate to which the current Autarch, Hera Visari, agreed. This was seen as a small mistake due to Senator Van Den Bosch being a "Nuke-happy communist wild card" . Still, the reform was put into place and the senate has included Senators from Jawa Space, the outer colonies, etc. into its seats.