The In Melius Asylum also known as Adenshin Asylum is a Helghast insane asylum (formally a Psychiatric hospital) located near Adenshin City. The Asylum was constructed in October 30th ,2363 and was shutdown on May 12th, 2394. Much infomation is classified and largely the goals of the Asylum are unknown. Rumors has it that the Helghast were experimenting on ISA soldiers and insane people. Some also believe that the Asylum is haunted. It was an exclusion zone until 2414. In melius is latin for "for the better".

After it's first closure, most of the buildings fell into rapid decline, suffering from arson, vandalism and theft.

In 2414, the Asylum was re-opened for the criminally Insane for only two months. It quickly closed down again due to the Asylum being to old to keep open and too expensive to operate than any other Asylum.

In 2416, work began to clear the site for new housing to open a clinic. Only a few of the original buildings now remain. A year later, the clinic was abandon for an unkown reason, rumors that there was a murder in the clinic.

Background Edit

The Helghast initiates Operation Erfassung in 2360 during the Second Extrasolar War, recruiting scientists from the ISA to conduct research for the Helghast, some of these scientists worked at In Melius Asylum.

Rumors has it that the asylum was used to create super human soldiers at first however this project was stopped for a while in 2367 after nine scientists were murdered by an unknown patient and the project was going nowhere according to General Kerfract. After two months of the accident, a new project was made. Details about the second project is lost, but the new project involved experimenting on the insane inmates to understand the criminal mind.

In 2394, authorities order the asylum to cease all activities and latter close it.