Jik'Tal the Constructor.

Jik'Tal Smit is a Jawa weapons designer and primary design supplier for the Helghast Empire

Early lifeEdit

Jik'Tal was born sometime in 2355 to a wealthy family on Crainn. His father was a designer, his mother was a maid. As a child he was always designing items ranging from cooking utensiles to a prototype Arc gun that shorts out mechanical objects. Jik'tal ate an Ice Burster without preparing it properly and lived when he was eight. He then went to the prestigious Visari School of Higher Education for ten years, learning how to properly prepare both a Burster and an Ice Burster and gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. After Graduating, he travelled to Bevrorenstad, Akmir to become a Burster chef but he found work in the Akmir Weapons Combine instead

Claim to FameEdit

Jik'Tal had three claims to fame, one was a book in English, Helghast, and Jawaese on how to prepare and cook Burster species to perfection, one was to copy phased out weapons making slight adjustments to the original schematics and the other was have a single mind and an imaginary friend as a design team. In 2380 he got a major contract to design weapons for the Helghast Empire after the death of Jorhan Stahl. His designs expanded from small arms, eventually moving into military vehicles and combat spacecraft. Jik'Tal's fame granted him a mansion on Vektas' countryside and a mansion in the Big Pine Tree on Crainn.


These are the original designs by Jik'Tal Smit, the AWC rifle family does not fit this description