Kaizoku is a Mars like planet in the Zuhause system. It was known to be the Kenunstun Consortium's HQ intil the Second Crystern Union invaded. The planet is now planet covered with bandits and poverty much like Trylon IV was.
There are many towns of innocent people on Kaizoku and the Prime Legion Heaven are trying to protect them from raiders while the Union is building bases and gathering resources.

Owloren is the capital of the planet.


In late 2416, the Union sieged one of the largest city on Kaizoku, Dieskin. The Union claimed the city was full of criminals and they were freeing the city from their wrath, in reality, Dieskin was home to many uncorrupted people. After they took the city, the Union


executed the people who wouldn't join their cause. 3 days latter the PLH heard about this news thus they warned the Union to not to attack innocent civilians. The Union told PLH to not to interfere or question their justice. The Prime Master Athen Syner ordered all his men on Kaizoku on high alert and if the Union assault another civilian settlement, protect it and it's people at all cost.

On April 5th, 2417, the Union army marches over 1,000 Light Grunts to Bludki, the 3rd largest city on the planet. PLH Rangers and many other PLH mercs line up to defend the city. The Union stopped near the city. A PLH commander went to the Union army and told them to leave. Before he could get an answer a Union sniper shot him and a battle begun. After 4 hours the PLH won the battle. All over the planet, PLH camps and bases are attacked by the Union. Then Prime Master declare war on Edward Crystern when hearing the news. Taru was also having many skirmishes around it's land. However this fighting stopped after the Crystern Leader explained himself.

On July 29th, 2417, 2 Union concentration camps are build on Kaizoku.

KA hired by the Helghast, try's to destroy Union bases in October 10th, 2417. On October 16th, KA reports Union concentration camps. Since the Helghast government did not respond to this report, KA chose to inform PLH about these concentration camps. PLH gives KA their thanks and took over the concentration camps to free it's people and use it as bases.

During the Galactic Terror War, the planet was invaded in 2420 by the Helghan Empire to crush all Union influences on the planet. This led to death of over a million lives. By 2422, the Empire believed they have wiped out every Union base and settlement supporting the Union.