The Kazerutoll also known as the Imperial Ghost Cruiser or the official name Imperial AC Kazerutoll was a medium size Helghast Arc Cruiser that mysteriously disappeared in the Proxima Centauri system's Kuiper belt in 2366. Sightings were reported all over the Proxima Centauri and is considered to be one of the first ghost space cruisers. It was constructed on Helghan in 2362. Morgek Veskillo was the captain of the cruiser. The disappearance of the Kazerutoll often is cited as one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The Cruiser is named after a Commander who sacrificed his life for his men in the Battle of Fillbirth, Drellen Kazerutoll.


The Kazerutoll was patrolling in the Proxima Centauri system's Kuiper belt for any ISA ships unltil Kazerutoll's singal disappeared. The nearest Helghast space station, Cobar Station thought the ISA took out the cruiser and immediately sends cruisers and fighters to search for the missing Helghast cruiser. After 3 weeks of searching, they found no sign of the Kazerutoll nor any signs of battle.

In 2369, the first sightings were reported of the ghost cruiser near Cobar Station and all over the system.


There were a number of theories which became popular during the course of the investigation and after it.

The following theories were considered by the Helghast Government in its investigation:

  • One of the most popular theories is that the Second Crystern Union captured the ship and jammed the Kazerutoll's signal for preventing them from contacting to other Helghast personnel. However some don't believe this is true since the Union was not as powerful then as they are in the 2380s and onwards.
  • Mutiny: One theory is that the crew or at least some of the crew betrayed the Helghast Empire and went rogue but nothing definitive has ever been proven.
  • ISA scout ships have been found in the Proxima Centauri region around this time. It is deemed possible by the Helghast that the ISA may have found it when it was most isolated, then boarded and captured the ship and its crew, possibly for interrogation and intelligience.