Kizer Takent was Second-In-Command of Prime Legion Heaven and is
Kizer Takent

Kizer Takent in his old custom PLH Desert Ranger armor. Used in 2390 - 2408.

the leader of the PLH Desert Rangers. He was also in charge of the PLH forces on Trylon IV until the Najenmik deployed the Eschaton Virus in the planet's atmosphere. In 2407 he was on Vancure and over looking the training facilities on the dwarf planet however Tikverin Marvidakis ordered him to return to Taru in 2408.

He was thought to be killed by Vikar Detrick in the same year when the Najenmik invaded Eden, however he survived. He is still the leader of the Rangers but did not want to be one of the leaders of PLH again as he failed his former Prime Master and now lives with guilt.

In 2419 he retired from the PLH and died from a heart attack in 2425.

During the Second Extrasolar War, he was the leader of the 28th Momento Legion.

Early lifeEdit

Kizer was born in a small mining town just outside of Pyrrhus in 2343, but moved to Adenshin, Vekta in his late teens after the Invasion of Vekta. He enlisted in the Helghast Navy at the age of 18.


Kizer Takent's unit fought in the Fall of Fort Templar alongside the 21st Prime Legion. After the war ended he
Older Kizer Takent

Kizer Takent in his latter years in the legion.

left his old life to join the newly formed PMC, Prime Legion Heaven in 2387.


His abilities of leadership and confidence were spotted early by the higher-ranking officers, and he was selected to lead from the front-lines of Gyre. He often thought out plans and strategies rather than leaping into action.

He became more skillful by training in the PLH. Tikverin Marvidakis made him Second-In-Command of the legion since Adorjan Tyfrow retired.

Kizer had a sense of humor, albeit a rather rude one. He often made cruel jokes about his prisoners of war during the Second Extrasolar War and later others about the Najenmik. His sense of humor changes to kind ones later in his life.

Kizer had a deep hatred for the Najenmik for what they have done to the PLH and his unit on Trylon IV. He hopes Vikar Detrick will pay in his blood. However after the hunt he leaves his hatred behind to help his legion rebuild.

After Tikverin Marvidakis death, he became steadfast, selfless, and modest to those what he called friends and to many other people.