"Arms for your war."

KA symbol

KA's insignia.

-Krieg Armaments slogan

Krieg Armaments (KA) often just referred as the Armaments or Krieg Arms was a large private military corporation. Their business activities included soldiers for hire, supply and logistics services, education and training for state armies, and everything expected from a PMC. Founded by Liam Pecker in 2395 in C.C.C. territory, the two factions did allot business. At some point during the Third Extrasolar War, KA contracted with the Helghan Empire to send large amounts of its soldiers into combat zones. Now they mostly work for the Empire but still tried to keep a good relationship with the C.C.C. until in 2413 C.C.C. cancelled their alliance with KA due to KA working for the Empire and fighting against C.C.C.and their ally. Now their main bases are in Helghast space. Krieg means war in "german".

They were rivals of the Prime Legion Heaven in the PMC business.

Krieg Armaments mercs

KA soldiers fighting in the Third Extrasolar War.

History Edit

"Without conflict we would not exist. PMCs would not exist. We need war. And we will find one."

-Morgan Bord

KA's first commander Liam Pecker retired in 2408 and was replaced by Morgan Bord.

Early 2410, the Helghast Empire tried to hire KA to neutralize PLH however KA refused saying that they won't risk their lives to fight another large PMC alone. So instead the Empire hired the Kenunstun Consortium to do the job.

Around 2414, The KA lost many outposts and bases in CCC space by the Sirens and CCSCIA, thus loosing a great amount of resources.

In 2416, the Helghast Empire hired KA to take back many Helghast military vehicles on Kaizoku that the Union stole from them during the war. The contract was successful. This showed the Empire that the KA can be trusted.

In 2417, KA is again hired by the Helghast to eliminate the Union threat in Kaizoku for the Empire can mine the planet after the war. This created a war on Kaizoku.

After the Third Extrasolar War, KA suffered from bankruptcy after loosing most of it's bases from the CCC and in conjunction rivaling PLH . KA became defunct in 2421 but Morgan Bord reformed the PMC in 2428.

In the 2450s they continued to work mostly for the Helghast Empire.

Characteristics Edit

KA not only directly participate in battle, they also undertake a large variety of other military responsibilities, such as logistics, maintenance, and transport operations, acting as strategic and tactical advisers, and overseeing the training and education of local military assets. In order to comply with international laws.

They can also be used to field test several in-development weapons when the military itself is constrained from doing so on their own terms.

Consisting over 700,000 mercenaries during the war and latter in the 2430s and onwards 1,500,000, the KA can easily handle more casualties than most other PMCs.