LEGENDS OF THE OUTCASTS is a detailed documentation of the legendary group known as the Outcasts, led by Colonel Viscard

The stories take place both before and during the events of the original Killzone, and lead into the events of Killzone: Liberation and Mercenary.


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Before and After his torture

Long ago, a teenager named Viscard was enlisted in the Helghast Empire. He was taken in as a son by Scolar Visari, alongside Vyktor Kratek, another young Helghast. Kratek and Viscard worked as team, strategizing the inevitable invasion on Vekta. Eventually, Viscard realized the Helghast weren't honorable warriors attempting to reclaim their homeland, but rather mindless brutes being led by leader blinded by nostalgia. 

Viscard decided he was above everyone less, not only physically, but mentally as well. He decided he would help both sides of the war, until they were crippled. Then, he would overthrow them. He thought he start with a little favor for the ISA: beheading the emperor. Kratek learned of his brothers plans, and had him arrested. Viscard was tortured for weeks on end, until the gases he had inhaled turned his skin red. He was then banished from Helghan. 

Viscard was sent to Sorin, where all ex-Helghast are sent. Here, he befriended some Helghast deserters. His influence was enough to win the band of runaways over, forming the original Outcasts. They were six, in total, and not six of the best (excluding Viscard). Over the course of a week, Viscard taught the men his techniques, which held homage to ancient warriors of Earth. Once the men were ready, Viscard purchased a ship. He named it Desolation, in honor of his exile.

Issue #1: Family Reunion Edit

Having recovered from his wounds, Viscard decides to return to Helghan, something that was forbidden. He wasn't interested in gaining revenge on Visari... not yet. Instead, he thought his "brother" might enjoy a surprise visit. Once the Desolation arrived, Viscard ordered his men to stay. This was something he had to do alone.

There were guards watching every entrance to Visari's palace. Thankfully, he knew of a secret passage, built in case of an ISA assault. Once inside, Viscard makes his way to his old room, where Kratek would surely be.

"Hello... brother.

Viscard said with a smile.

"W-What are you doing here? You are banished!"

Viscard walked around the room, glancing at all his old possessions.

"Hmm... yes. But i'm willing to but all that behind us. You always were a boy scout. I should never have told you anything."

Kratek's tone suddenly changes from panicked, to frustrated.

"If you had, a much worse fate than exile would have awaited you."

To be continued...