Mael Radec is the founder of Radec Academy, Scolar Visari's former personal bodyguard and a colonel who led the 9th Division on Akmir. Radec was one of the most feared and finest (if not the finest) soldiers in the Helghast army. He has been an icon of the Helghan's military might. Radec notably served as a mentor to many in the generation of military leaders who led the Empire during the T.E.W..

Early CareerEdit

Mael Radec was born sometime in the 24th century on Helghan around the time of the great depression. When Scolar Visari rose to power, Radec joined the newly formed military. Due to his extremely impressive skills, he quickly rose through the ranks. He was made Colonel for his ruthless leadership and later set up the Radec Academy in Pyrrhus City. At the time of the Second Extrasolar War, Radec was one of the many Helghast commanders who participated in the Invasion of Vekta. Colonel Radec was the mastermind of the final assault o Northern Vekta, hiding is radiation-resistant armies within the nuclear wasteland that was formerly Diortem.

After the Second Extrasolar WarEdit

One defining aspect of Mael Radec was a distinct lack of a genocidal fury against humanity. While most of his colleagues desired to exterminate the human populace on Vekta, Radec held no such desire in his heart. Due to this, and his unquestionable loyalty to Visari, Radec was established as the Military Viceroy of Vekta, officially becoming its de facto ruler after it was fully absorbed into the Empire... a duty that Radec only very begrudgingly accepted.

As Military Viceroy of VektaEdit


An Older Radec

Despite Radec's overwhelming distaste for the field of politics, he proved himself adept at managing his new world's affairs. Under Radec's leadership, Vektan reconstruction went by quickly and efficiently. Visari's laws were enacted quickly across the world, and widespread civilian opposition was quickly repressed with relatively little loss in life. Once the world was secure Radec dedicated most of his interest in hunting down the ISA contingent that refused to surrender on Vekta, his purges against the insurgent force being one of the few tasks he personally took enjoyment in. With a lack of passion for Visari's racist and genocidal tendencies, humans and half-breeds on Vekta endured significantly less governmental prejudice and repression than elsewhere in the Empire, though their rights were still notably limited.

Trivia Edit

  • Radec used a broken, fused assault rifle as a cane in his later years.