Nathan Chase was a Prime Hunter.
Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase in his customized ISA armor.

Early lifeEdit

Nathan was born in November 7th, 2382 in a town called Fleuno, Vekta. His mother was a mechanic while his father was engineer. He also had a little sister, 7 years younger than him and an older brother 4 years older. His grampa was in the ISA back in his day and tought Nathan how to use guns. Nathan joined the Helghast Army just to become a combat engineer.

While drinking in a bar in Vekta City at the age of 19 a PLH spy recruiter found Nathan to offer him a chance to become merc for PLH. Nathan took the offer down at first intil the spy recruiter told him that the Helghast killed his family in Fleuno for not being supporters for the Empire. The spy recruiter gave Nathan the reports on paper and changed the channel on the bar's TV to the news about Fleuno. While Nathan couldn't believe his eys were seeing the spy recruiter said that he'll give him time to think and left the bar. After the spy left, Nathan ran to find him. Nathan found him near a dark alley and accepted the offer.

Latter in his life Tikverin Marvidakis gave his rifle to Nathan.


Nathan is said to be an expert with assault rifles, saying that "he was born to use em". Though this trait was over exaggerated. Nathan also has allot of stamina to run in fast speeds. Infact he beated every Prime Hunter but Zeelnos in a race on foot. He was well noted for his high agility.

Proved to be intelligent, creative, and good at coming up with good plans faster than anyone else, he's been called the brains of the Prime Hunters. He use to have a habit of over-explaining his plans intil Galonato Shard told him that he doesn't need to explain it more than once. His great ability to adapt and his intelligent mind was seen from Tikverin Marvidakis thus he made Nathan a Prime Hunter. Many people saw Nathan as the best strategist they have in the PLH with incredible intellectual potential, capacity to learn, and critical thinking skills. He absorbed information quickly and completely and solved problems at an alarming rate. After studing about engineering and reading books about Nikolao Konstantine for years, Nathan became a engineering genius.

Nathan showed a remarkable proclivity toward science. He was adept at creating weapons from a variety of materials. He created his own armor from an ISA armor he bought from blackjack. He customized it to look like Tikverin's armor.

Though he was seen goofy and immature outside of missions (he does this mostly to hide his depression), he was very serious about about his contracts but he may make a joke or two.

Death Edit

Nathan Chase was brutally murdered by Corde Detrick in 2416 to get revenge on Zeelnos.