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Phantom Talon Corp (PTC) was a Private Military Contractor (PMC) who gives hired mercenaries to whoever pays them most. The company was headed by Anders Benoit.


Phantom Talon Corp was created as a private military contractor around the year 2344, hiring former elite members of the United Colonial Army as mercenaries and bearing the slogan, "War is our Business". They were supplied by black market dealer Blackjack.

Second Extrasolar WarEdit

During the Second Extrasolar War, there was a high demand for mercenaries by both sides, with both the ISA and Helghast bidding for their services. Eventually, they were hired by the Helghast and were used exclusively in the Battle of Diortem, with PTC mercenaries Danner and Ivanov working for Colonel Vyktor Kratek. They succeeded in a mission to kill Admiral Grey and destroy her cruiser with the help of Commander Soteris, allowing Helghast forces there to continue their occupation of Diortem, as well as deploying elite combat troops throughout Diortem to help the Helghast in conquering the city. The PTC then helps them out on several key missions in Gyre.

Post-Second Extrasolar War and DeclineEdit

In the aftermath of the Second Extrasolar War, the PTC starts to run out of recruits, mainly in part from the destruction of the UCA, from whom they had drawn their recruits from, coupled with the 21st Prime Legion converting into a PMC, who are now competing with the PTC for employment. The PTC goes into decline from the lack of recruits and warfare. Since the colonies had made alliances, there is also a lack of minor disputes or wars the PTC can get involved in, and the remaining members that hadn't already left the PTC disband in 2387.