The Governor of Proxima Centauri posing with a PPLPC militant

The Popular Party for the Liberation of Proxima Centauri (Waajish: Coitianta Páirtí do Fuascailte na Proksami Kentouri) is a militant organization and political party based on Akmir.

Formation and HistoryEdit

The PPLPC was formed in 2380 by Simonis Verweij and Arjan De Jonge. It was formed when the Helghast Empire imposed harsh sanctions on Proxima Centauri due to weapon smuggling. Aktik Van Den Bosch may have had a part in it's formation. It was an opposition group until 2383. After Aktik Van Den Bosch committed troops to Gyre, the CPFPK joined a grouping of 290 separate militant groups to carry out bombings in strategic ISA/UCN bases and cities and to generally bolster a dwindling Helghast Army.

Political BranchEdit

The political branch of PPLPC is almost nonexistent. It has been in negotiations with the Helghast Goverment and out of the 600 or 650 militant groups on Akmir, PPLPC is officialy endorsed, funded, sponsored, armed, and generally supported by the Governor of Proxima Centauri, Aktik Van Den Bosch until 2401 when the Akmir Red Party took to the stage.

Armed ForcesEdit

CPFPK has a standing army of 15000 soldiers. The main assault rifle is the AWC-47 Series of rifles, however the StA-409 is common as well. It has been estimated that the organization has a full tank regiment on standby. Bombings are a common way to get peoples attention and there has been a total of 18 successful bombings with only two not going off.