The Prime Assassins formally Yoake No Asashins (YNA) is a sub-faction within Prime Legion Heaven. Before they were absorbed into the PLH, the faction was a group of assassins who would stealthy kill for hire intil in 2415 they were loosing a war with the Sirens and CCSCIA. PLH offered them to join the PMC or meet fate.

History Edit

The Yoake No Asashins was founded by Chen Doud in 2332. Doud recruited mercenaries, street kids and refugees through out the years.

The faction wasn't well known intil the 2360s when the Helghast hired them to kill ISA and UCN members. They became infamous within the ISA and UCN. After the Second Extrasolar War, the Helghast mostly stopped using the assassins and started using the Kenunstun Consortium more. The Yoake No Asashins was then hired again by the Helghast a few times when the C.C.C. was formed.

In 2394, the PLH begun trading with the YNA.

The YNA was being hunted in 2415 by the Sirens and CCSCIA for killing their men. PLH took the assassins as their own after an agreement and told the I.W.C. that the YNA has been taken care of.