The Pyrrhus Killer also known as the Pyrrhus Ripper to those outside the Helghast Empire was an unidentified serial killer that was active in 2365 around northen Pyrrhus. The killer killed at least 600 people, 200 which were in the Helghast military. Some believe that the killer killed over a 1,000. While not the first intergalactic serial killer, the case was the first to create an intergalactic media frenzy.


The killing began on March, 3rd, 2365 and ended on December 29th. Police found 86 people dead in the first day. All of the victims' throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. The killer hid his victims in garbage cans. On May 27th the killer began killing people in the military with the same deaths as the other victims.

On December 29th, the police received a letter. It reads:

Dear Friends,
I had enough killing, for now. You my friends call me the Pyrrhus Killer. I enjoy the name and I enjoy our game. Rhymes I know. You will never find me, I should know. I can't wait to kill again. Those fools thought that they were going to live, haha. I'm just like Jack the Ripper from the old world of Earth. FUCK. I'm not normal I know, I just can't help it. I wish, I really do wish I was normal. But I'm not so fuck me. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK THE WORLD. I hope you will hear my next killings. Good Luck. Yours truly
The Pyrrhus Killer
PS. Keep this letter, I want this to be known baby.

It's unknown if this letter was a Hoax.

In January 10th, 2368, 68 people where found dead in northen Pyrrhus in the same ways as the Pyrrhus Killer did to his victims.