The Royal Guard are the elite defenders of the Emperor/Empress of the Helghan Empire, and any persons' that they're ruler authorizes to fall under their protection.


The duties of the Royal Guard is to defend the current ruler of the Empire and their family, at any cost whatsoever. There are roughly 400,000 Guards active at any time, as they are also the primary policing force within the vast Helghan capital, Pyrrhus City. Along with the ruler, the standing Autarch can give a writ of protection to any individual they deem deserving or requiring of it, in which case the Royal Guard will defend them with just as much fervor and zeal as they would the Autarch themselves.


Royal Guards wear heavy duty armor with built in shield capacitors, making them extremely durable. To counteract the lack of mobility this causes, their armor has several high powered jets established across the back and the boots of the suit. Their weaponry is equally advanced, consisting of railguns and the new, prototype directed energy weapons in development at Visari Corporation.