"We don't retreat, we fall back"

Sector Corps logo

Sector Corps insignia.

Sector Corps (SC) also known as Grand Corps (GC) is an an elite unit within the C.C.C. and consists of two regiments, one battlegroup, one platoon and one squad. The Marines were cross-trained to fight on a variety of environments in ground and space, making them extremely versatile. They specialized in boarding and capturing enemy starships as well as planetary assault, and were deployed at many battlefields in the Third Extrasolar War. They were one of the first CCC units to use space powersuits. The unit was established in 2408 and commissioned by General Charlotte Miller.

Most of the unit was destroyed Vostok by the Helghast 25th Army and then it was completely wiped out from the petrusite warheads that was unleashed by a small faction named, Wolfpack.

The Elite of the Front Line Edit

The SC is organized by a system, known as the Elite of the Front Line. The Elite of the Front Line did not include support personnel.

Elite of the Front Line: Edit

1st Sector Regiment (7,348 soldiers)

2nd Sector Regiment (3,121 soldiers)

1st Sector Battlegroup (12,046 soldiers)

Sector Platoon (675 soldiers)

Grand Squad (9 soldiers)