The Stahl Arms Power Shield or StA- Power Shield was a shield generator used for more than half of Helghast fighters. In the early 2380s it succeeded the Visari Corp Energy Shield Series. It's only made for star crafts though Ver.5 and onwards can support few small size cruisers. Thanks to this unit, it's able to withstand greater amounts of punishment than CCC fighters in the first few years of the Third Extrasolar War. The first version was highly praised for being capable of generating both ray and particle shields. Production stopped in 2416 in faver of better shield generators, though still was used by the Helghast until 2422. It is however a popular choice for many freelancers, mostly Ver.3.

Versions Edit

Ver.1 was released in 2378. [decommission in 2395]

Ver.2 was released in 2383 and could withstand some small size cruiser fire. [decommission in 2408]

Ver.3 was released in 2387, it was praised for withstanding many types of missiles and light plasma from bombers, fighters and even some cruisers. Many arms dealing groups sell these.  [decommission in 2412]

Ver.4 was released in 2394. First one that that easily handle almost all heavy plasma attacks and light Petrusite attacks. [decommission in 2414]

Ver.5 was released in 2399. First one that can be used for a few number of small size cruisers. [decommission in 2416]

Ver.6 was released in 2404. This version is used the most in the Helghast Navy than the rest. [decommission in 2416]

Ver.7 was released in 2410. Known for withstanding many heavy Petrusite fire. [decommission in 2416]

Ver.8 was released in 2414. This version was criticized for consuming allot of power that many fighters couldn't handle. Can be used for some medium size Capital ships. [decommission in 2416]