Taru is a forested planet located in the Eden solar system. Many ISA remnants were stationed here intil they were wiped out by Prime Legion Heaven during the PLH's planetary occupation in 2396. The PLH headquarters was
Taru 2

Bellum Town.

located here,"Prime Base". Many mercenaries and bounty hunters operate here to take contracts by the Helghan Empire. After the PLH reformed in the Helghan Empire in 2453, the Helghast took control parts of the planet.


Named after an ISA captain, Taru was first founded by some of the  ISA remnants in 2389 after they lost the Second Extrasolar War.

In 2396, PLH forces entered the Eden system and located a ISA frigate heading towards Taru on their radar. PTH followed the frigate to the ISA's main base on Taru. PLH invaded the base and destroyed the ISA remnants.

PLH builds orbital defense platforms around the planet in 2399.

The Kenunstun Consortium invade Taru in 2411 to wipe out the PLH. In 2412 the war ends with the legion being victorious with help from the Second Crystern Union. The Union helps the legion rebuild the orbital defense platforms around Taru again shortly after the Consortuim's invasion.

Ever since the Empire prohibited traffic in Eden, PLH and the Union has allowed anyone to come and settle on Taru along as they fallow the legion's rules.

In 2415, the legion and the Union build a city for the settlers and mercenaries, Soldner. In 2416 Soldner became Taru's capital.