Thedit Bootsma.

Thedit Bootsma is one of seventy Jawa foot soldiers.

Early LifeEdit

Thedit was born in the slums of the Big Pine Tree on Crainn. He emigrated along with his family and countless other Jawas to Helghast Space for a better life. Unfortunately this was not the case, Thedits' family faced incredible poverty on Akmir so they settled Sneg when he was twelve. Now able to find economic stability in a Jawa majority, he enlisted in the Navy. After seven years of study he deployed to the Gyre battlefield with the 9th Division.

Combat HistoryEdit

On the Gyre battlefield, Bootsma was a shuttle loadmaster and door gunner, charged with the duty of loading troops and ammunition onto Overlord dropships and seeig that troops can deploy and extract safely. During a counter-insurgency patrol on Akmir Thedit fought an Akmiri Sasquatch with nothing but a knife and lived. Later on in 2401 he fought aginst PPLPC insurgents as a Commander in the Akmir Civil War on the side of the Akmir Red Party. Later on, he joined up with the Akmir National Socialist Workers Party because their logo reminded him of the battlefields of Gyre


Thedit Bootsma is proficient in the weapons listed below