Trylon IV is a desert planet located in the Proxima Centauri system
Trylon IV
. Before Najenmik deployed the Eschaton Virus in planet's atmosphere, many scientist tried to understand Trylon IV's nature however traffic was prohibited do to the Prime Legion Heaven and criminal activity.

The planet is also known for being the headquarters for the First Crystern Union.


Astronomers discovered and named the planet Whyon, however criminals were the first ones to settled on the planet and renamed it, Trylon IV for a unknown reason.

Trylon IV has been called a criminal's paradise do to the bad reputation due to the large number of criminals who could be found there.

PLH Tanks

PLH Ultra Tanks patrolling on Trylon IV.

The First Crystern Union made Trylon IV their home in 2204.

In 2341 the ISA invades Trylon IV after First Crystern Union failed to invade Vekta. The First Crystern Union was destroyed.

In 2388, Prime Legion Heaven Started to built several basses around the planet.

Najenmik deploys Eschaton Virus in planet's atmosphere to kill every PLH merc on the planet in 2402.

Immediatly after the Governor of Proxima Centauri imposes a blockade to contain the virus.


Trylon IV's surface is all desert and canyons. It is not known if the planet's magnetic field got weaker or the inner core cooled down for being a Mars size planet.